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Crane Co. welcomes the opportunity to discuss potential acquisition transactions. To discuss or propose a transaction, please contact Corporate Development in our group.




Crane’s acquisition philosophy is to use its excess cash flow for acquisitions that strengthen its existing businesses. We execute on this philosophy with an acquisition strategy that is based on four key principles:


  • The target business must provide clear and direct improvement to an existing Crane Co. business unit’s competitive position. Ideal candidates will increase product or customer scope, improve costs or improve investment utilization.
  • An existing Crane Co. unit and management team must sponsor each acquisition. Line managers determine the strategic direction of our units. No significant investment, especially acquisition, will occur without the passionate advocacy, committed support and leadership of an operating management team.
  • An attractive acquisition candidate will have a high caliber management team willing and eager to join with the sponsoring Crane Co. business unit. We believe that good people make good things happen. 
  • Every acquisition will generate a significant contribution to shareholder value. Crane Co. evaluates all strategic decisions on the potential to increase the value of the company.


At the same time that we look outside Crane for strategic acquisitions, we also look for additional profits from having units work more closely together and from “trimming around the edges” when we identify Crane businesses that are not a good fit and are too small to be economic for us.  These strategic linkages, which enable us to be a more integrated operating company, continue to be an important part of our growth strategy.


The Krombach Group

Fluid Handling

December 2008


Merrimac Industries, Inc.

Aerospace & Electronics

February 2010


Money Controls Limited

Merchandising Systems - Payment Solutions

December 2010