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At Crane, corporate citizenship is more than a responsibility: it’s our way of doing business. The concept of corporate responsibility—where companies take responsibility not only for profits but also for the impact of their activities on the many different stakeholders with which it interacts—is the foundation on which our company was built and the common thread that ties together all that we do today. Every leadership conference, every investor presentation and each orientation session for a new employee begins with a discussion of the ethics on which our Company was founded, including honesty and fairness in dealings with customers, employees and even competitors, and the core values of today, which are integrity and performance with trust and respect.

corpresp summercamp

Crane Co. supports a not-for-profit summer camp managed by The Trustees of Reservations at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts, focusing on environment, ecology, culture and history, and endows the inclusion of underserved children within a 40-mile radius of the estate.


Like his father before him, R.T. Crane, Jr., cared deeply about the welfare of his employees. In 1914, he established The Crane Fund, and at a banquet he hosted annually for veteran employees, urged them to share his pride in the organization and demonstrate that they were part of a “corporation with a soul.” He encouraged them to reflect the high standard of the Company at all times and on every occasion.


Today, we conduct our business with the same high standard, and our corporate citizenship still begins at the top. Throughout the organization, at all our locations throughout the world, we still strive to be R.T. Crane, Jr.’s corporation with a soul.