26 Apr 2018 | 4:02 PM | CR $84.92  -1.820  volume 656,929
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Crane Co. is committed to protecting the environment by taking responsibility to prevent serious or irreversible environmental degradation through efficient operations and activities. Crane Co. recognizes environmental management among its highest priorities throughout the corporation, and has established policies and programs that are integral and essential elements of the business plan of each of the business units.


Going beyond simply complying with all laws related to environmental issues, we are dedicated to minimizing occupational health and safety risks to all our employees by utilizing safe technologies, training programs, effective risk management practices and sound science to define and efficiently manage and reduce all significant environmental risks. We are working to improve the operation of our facilities through the efficient use of energy and sustainable use of renewable resources, and we strive to minimize adverse environmental impact through waste reduction, recycling and responsible waste disposal. Finally, we seek to manufacture and deliver products and services that minimize environmental impact and that are safe when properly used and maintained.